First electric safari vehicle launches in the Timbavati

First electric safari vehicle launches in the Timbavati

Makanyi Private Game Lodge has decided to go green and has become the first lodge in the Timbavati Game Reserve, part of the world famous Greater Kruger Park, to make use of an electric safari vehicle.

They did this by contracting the company Electric Safari Vehicles to convert one of their current Land Rovers to the electric form. An electric vehicle has the added bonus of reducing their carbon footprint and noise pollution, enhancing the guests experience by getting closer to the wildlife and enjoying the sound of the bush as opposed to the sound of a diesel engine. Performance of the vehicle is also said to be outstanding.

Rico Demetriou, General manager of Makanyi, listed the following advantages of their new electric Land Rover:

  • Animals are more relaxed around the vehicle as it is completely silent.
  • Communication within the vehicle, between guide and ranger as well as guide and tracker, becomes easier as one does not have to talk over the engine.
  • There is no need to turn the vehicle off at a sighting.
  • Videographers and photographers benefit from no vibration as the vehicle is turned on or off.
  • When approaching a sighting, while there are other vehicles present, there is no disturbance to other wildlife viewers in vehicles present already.

We agree with Makanyi that electric safari vehicles are the future of safaris and offer a completely new and unique experience for guests. The lodge will be converting all of their vehicles to electric in the near future and we hope that all lodges follow suite.

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