Vusa Rugby & Learning Academy

Vusa Rugby & Learning Academy

Vusa Rugby & Learning Academy

Proud supporters of the VUSA Rugby & Learning Academy

Wild & Isle is a passionate advocate for Africa’s development. We are proud to partner with VUSA Rugby & Learning Academy, knowing that together, we can create positive change for the Langa community.

The Vusa Rugby & Learning Academy is a non-profit organization that aims to equip the children of Langa with the necessary skills to achieve a brighter future by offering structured rugby, academic and recreation programmes and a daily meal. 

Their key initiatives include:

  • Rugby teaches life skills, promotes physical fitness, and fosters resilience.
  • Academic support bridges educational gaps in Mathematics and English.
  • Coding classes prepare students for the digital age.
  • Daily nutritious meals maximize learning potential and alleviate hunger.
  • Regular outings inspire dreams and broaden horizons.
  • Weekly mobile libraries encourage literacy and a love for reading.
  • Adult mentors provide guidance and foster trust within the community.
  • Early childhood development centers and mobile library projects enhance literacy, numeracy, and motorskills.
  • Digital mobile classrooms support the transition to English as the language of instruction in primary schools.

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Join us in supporting the VUSA Rugby & Learning Academy to make a difference in the heart of the Langa Township community and play a part in giving hope, opportunities and a brighter future to the children of the Langa Township. 

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