12 Best Walking Safari Destinations In Africa

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“To be on foot in a wilderness area is far more than a thrilling adrenaline rush, it is the most immersive safari experience you could possibly take.

Here are a range of our favourites…”

North & South Luangwa, Zambia

Both North and South Luangwa in Zambia are well known for their walking safaris. South Luangwa is where the legendary Norman Carr first pioneered walking safaris and today the circuit of seasonal camps run by Time and Tide Africa are known as ‘Norman’s Camps’ in his honour. What is particularly special about this circuit is that guests are able to do guided walks from one camp to the next, spending a few nights in each. This makes the experience feel more like a trek than simply doing daily walks from a single base camp.

North Luangwa is remote, wild and untouched with very few safari operations in its 4636 square kilometres, which means you are highly unlikely to see any other vehicles or people during your stay. It is home to a population of critically endangered black rhino – always a thrilling sighting on foot. For the best walking weather, we recommend going between May and September.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe offers some of the most exciting walking experiences in Africa.

It is home to a wide range of big game and the guides are so well trained and experienced that it affords the clients the opportunity to get very close.

Within a small area, it also features a variety of habitats, including the spectacular cathedral lighting in the forest. For the more wild at heart we also recommend a night or two at Chitake Springs. There are only three campsites in the area (one dedicated for professional safari operators), which features a 1.3km spring that is an absolute magnet for game during the dry area and also home to a big pride of resident lions.

Desert Rhino, Namibia

The sprawling Palmwag Concession in Northern Namibia is home to one of Africa’s largest free-ranging populations of critically endangered desert-adapted black rhino.

Here you are able to follow the Save the Rhino monitors as they track the animals they protect. The walking is not too strenuous, as you would cover most of the vast distances in the area by vehicle and then go on foot with the trackers to get up within viewing range.

The combination of dramatic mountain desert landscape as well as the rarity of the animals makes this a bucket list destination for the discerning traveller.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

At some nearly 20 000 foot (5 895 metres) above sea level, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa.

This dormant volcano is also the highest free-standing mountain in the world. The mountain’s greatest attraction however, is that it is a trek even non-seasoned mountaineers can experience. Of course, it is no light hike and a good level of fitness and trekking preparation is required.

There are various routes and time-options for the ascent but most hikers opt for options of six to eight days. Two or three nights on safari afterwards is a great option to recharge afterward.


Gorillas. On foot. Need we say more?

There is something deeply touching – surreal almost – about sitting less than 10 metres away from a silverback as he, and his mountain gorilla family, go about their lives undisturbed

The hike requires a reasonable amount of fitness and is led by expert guides and trackers who also offer a wealth of highly insightful info on the biodiversity and other animals of the rainforest. 


Truly one of the most unique experiences in Africa.

Mahale National Park is a nearly inaccessible wilderness area in Western Tanzania that is home to a free-roaming, wild-living, but habituated group of chimpanzees.

The chimps live in the forested edges of Lake Tanganyika and to get up close to them on foot adds to the Robinson Crusoe-esque atmosphere of the enchanting Greystoke Mahale lodge.


The Pondo Trail on South Africa’s spectacular Wild Coast is a four-night trail between Mtentu and Manteku.

The tour encapsulates the very best of what the Wild Coast has to offer from remote beaches and rocky outcrops to, grassy hills and pockets of coastal forest.

Each day is professionally guided to ensure the safety of the group and a genuine Pondoland experience.

It is a very hands-on immersive experience with the guides involving the guests in harvesting oysters and mussels off the rocks, fishing, making bread and cooking over an open fire.


The San Bushmen have thrived in the harsh Kalahari for eons.

To walk through this desolate area with one of the local San provides deep insights into land, the culture and the intimate relationship these indigenous people have with the land.

They are also renowned as the best trackers in the world, able to ‘read’ into signs and tracks.


The Pafuri region in the extreme north of the famed Kruger National Park is a beautifully diverse wilderness.

The remoteness of the area and the range of different biomes – from mountains and river gorges to bushveld and riverine forests – lends itself to walking safaris.

Lanner Gorge and Crook’s Corner are but two of a host of highlights in the area. Aside from the chance of encountering the big five on foot, the area is also a birder’s paradise, including specials such as the highly elusive Pel’s Fishing Owl.


A visit to Cape Town is not complete without a hike on the iconic Table Mountain. There is a highly developed trail network on the mountain making it the ultimate playground for trail runners, mountain bikers and hikers.

We suggest going with an experienced guide who will not only tailor the best route according to your needs and fitness levels, but give you unrivalled insight into the fauna and flora on the 540-million-year-old mountain.


Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park with its savannah plains, baobab forests, granite hills and mighty rivers is known as one of the wildest parks in all of Africa.

Home to big concentrations of wildlife (including various predators) a walking safari here will never have a dull moment.

In addition to the game viewing experience another highlight includes see the ancient baobab trees that tower over the landscape.




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