Relocation Of Painted Wolves (Wild Dogs) To Mana Pools National Park

Capmount Lodges, Wilderness Safaris and Painted Dog Conservation, are partnering to trans-locate a pack of Painted Wolves (aka African Wild Dogs) from Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park to the Mana Pools National Park.

The pack will first be trans-located from Hwange to Chikwenya, next to Mana Pools National Park, where they will be held in a boma while they acclimatise to the area over a period of months. They will then be released into Mana Pools National Park in 2020.

The move will help to increase the current wild dog population in Mana Pools, while mitigating the threat of human-wildlife conflict in Hwange.

As the boma is being built within walking distance of Chikwenya Camp, guests can view the dogs from September until the end of the season in November, and then again when they are released in 2020.

Noteworthy Dates In September

September 22BBC Earth’s Dynasties, Episode 4, on the Wild Dog known as ‘Blacktip’, will be screened in camp, while guides will be on hand to discuss the process for the following day.

September 23: Wild Dog relocation is scheduled to take place. Chikwenya guests meet the aircraft and watch as the dogs are released into the boma. Dinner with Peter Blinston of Painted Dog Conservation as he shares insights and more about his research and conservation work with wild dogs.

September 23 onwards: Chikwenya guests can continue to visit the boma and watch the dogs as they settle into their new home, while learning more about these animals.

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