5 great reasons to take your family on safari and our best 2019 family friendly safari packages

As travel to Africa grows, the need to facilitate family travel has also spiraled. Traditionally, going into the African bush was seen as an adult activity. Young children were considered  to “spoil” the experience. This has changed. Numerous lodges have begun to cater for younger children going on safari while activities to keep them interested and learning about conservation has increased. They are, after all, the future of conservation.

So you’re looking to spend some quality time with the family this year, right? Special bonding time as well as providing an opportunity to yourselves, and your children, with a once in a lifetime cultural and visual experience that can only found in one destination on earth? Look no further than a trip to one of the last true wilderness escapes in the world, Africa!

Here are five great reasons why a trip to Africa should be on the top your travel bucket list for family holidays:

  1. Put down the story telling books, and day trips to the zoo, and show your children some of the world’s greatest wildlife in their natural setting. Scenery is unbelievably beautiful and the opportunity is there to learn more about “the circle of life” and how a natural environment is in perfect symbiosis.
  2. Many of the areas are outside of WiFi coverage and presents a great opportunity to spend quality family time with each other. Without the need for a mobile phone, or other distracting electronic devices, everyone has the chance to engage with each other… the perfect environment to “disconnect to reconnect”.
  3. Lodges have activities in place to keep children entertained. These range from their own dedicated safari guides who take children on their own, well thought out, game viewing opportunities to pizza making and so on. This gives adults the opportunity to spend some quality time with each other.
  4. The African culture is one that is friendly, joyful and inviting. Travel is considered the best classroom and it is important for kids to understand how the world works outside of their hometown bubble. We always find that visiting a village, or even just chatting to people  on a safari is a hugely benefiting and a rewarding experience.
  5. African travel creates memories that will last a lifetime. Hearing the roar of a lion for the first time, or watching a herd of elephants protect a new born youngster is something that you will never forget. Share these once in a lifetime experiences with those that you love the most.

We deal with many lodges and camps that offer family orientated safaris. Please see some of our options below and contact us if you would like us to tailor make an experience for you and your family taking into account your personal budget and deciding when is the best time to visit. Please always remember that it is important to book well in advance.

2019 Family Safari Itineraries & Packages

View and download some of our thoughtfully designed family friendly safari packages. Want to plan for 2020? Simply email us your requirements!
9 Nights Family Safari

Botswana & Zimbabwe
Kerr & Downey
From: $19,980 (USD) based on a 2 adts and 2 chd

8 Nights Family Safari

2019 Package
From: $11,220 (USD) based on a 2 adts and 2 chd

7 Nights Family Safari

Natural Selection 2019
From: $25,190 (USD) based on a 2 adts and 2 chd

9 Nights Family Safari

Botswana & Livingstone
2019 Package
From: $17,180 (USD) based on a 2 adts and 2 chd




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