Botswana to join Univisa countries Zimbabwe and Zambia

Botswana to join Univisa countries Zimbabwe and Zambia

At a Bi-national Commission held in Harare last week, the Southern African country of Botswana committed to joining Zimbabwe and Zambia by making use of the Univisa system (see our write up on how the Univisa system works). For $50 a tourist can currently travel as many times as they like between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

This has led to an increase in the number of tourists that visit both countries and has prompted Botswana to join suit. People visiting Victoria Falls, for example, would therefore be able to drive into the magnificient Chobe National Park by making use of the same system without paying for an additional Visa at the border.

The ultimate goal is to have all SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) countries involved so as to increase visitor movements between the neighbouring countries.

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