Why Zimbabwe should be a premium safari option on your bucket list!

“When people contact us to plan their first African safari, almost all of them have the drummed in perception that Botswana, amongst others, is the holy grail when it comes to a great safari experience, and while it certainly is indeed a truly magnificent part of the world we invite you to read further to find out why we think you should never overlook Zimbabwe as a quality option…”

Why Zimbabwe? I guess the real question that you should be asking yourself is why not Zimbabwe? Where has it been? Why has it quietened down in terms of overseas travelers and explorers? What does it have to offer in terms of wilderness experiences that other African countries don’t already?

Tourism and conservation go hand in hand, and due to the more stable political climate of Zimbabwe, tourism and conservation awareness has sky rocketed. There are some truly magnificent wilderness areas which exist up north with an added bonus of these areas all being situated in relatively close proximity with each other.

Once a powerhouse safari destination, Zimbabwe, both economically and politically, suffered due to the dictatorship regime of the Robert Mugabe led Zanu-PF government. It was seen as an unsafe destination when, truth be told, there probably wasn’t ever too much that would impact the excellent time overseas tourists could experience.

Zimbabwe’s first major selling point, and I believe it’s greatest, is its people. Welcoming, friendly and highly knowledgeable individuals ensure that you leave having made not only lifelong friends, but unforgettable memories too. They have a genuine interest in providing you with the best possible experiences their home country has to offer.

One thing that cannot be beaten in Zimbabwe’s National Parks is the high standard of comprehensive guiding travelers can find here. Through intensive theory and rigorous and lengthy practical training, the guides are equipped with exceptional knowledge of their surroundings. Their ability to track, find game, and always maintain safety for their clients is unparalleled. A guide forms such an integral part of the safari experience that this quality or aspect of a trip should never be overlooked!

The beauty of Zimbabwe is breathtaking. From the meandering of the Lower Zambezi Valley, with it’s beautiful Ana Tree forests, to the cascading massive sheet of water of Victoria Falls, the majestic cliffs of Chilojo Hills to the incredible bio diversity of Hwange National Park, and World’s View near Bulawayo, Zimbabwe is guaranteed to touch anybody’s adventurous spirit! There is enough “unexplored” wilderness here to make you feel as though you are visiting a truly special place, and indeed it is! The best part is that it is as beautiful as its western Safari powerhouse, Botswana, but for a fraction of the cost.

We have great contacts within this magnificent country, including brilliant professional guides. Having spent much time here we have been able to personally visit many of the camps and areas enabling us to put together the best bespoke Zimbabwean itineraries there is to offer!

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